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Your Future Center

Upon acquiring land, Catalyst Retreat and Music Center will be a self-sustainable educational retreat, venue, and multicultural hub serving as headquarters for our global network of professional musicians:

 A sanctuary to be the first of its kind, catalyzing all who visit into their next chapter of

optimal health, creativity, and musical excellence.

Our vision is bold, and needed.

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Residency anchor

“You don’t realize the cost of not taking your health seriously until you have an experience that returns some value to you…. It's going to add minutes to your hour being healthier, and it’s going to add pennies to the dollars you make.” 

Macaco, Va


Catalyst will provide solo and group residencies, performance facilities, and wellness therapies for professional musicians of all disciplines from three to thirty days year-round, those without sufficient means may apply for fully-sponsored stays funded by grants, philanthropic arts advocates, and scholarships from program revenue.

Young Piano Teacher

Biotekt Earthen Homes

In addition to custom-designed wood-frame buildings, single and multi-occupancy earthen structures will be our primary building method:

  • Pleasing to the eyes and all senses

  • Acoustically favorable curvilinear interior

  • Naturally soundproof exterior 

  • Heated and cooled with green energy

  • Built in half the time and cost as conventional construction

  • Lasts for hundreds of years without structural maintenance

Cowrie Still.jpg

Music Center

Music Center

Immaculate state-of-the-art facilities will support our year-round concerts and remarkable collaborations made at Catalyst. Our bold vision aims to outfit our center almost entirely with equipment and gear generously donated by our partner’s corporate relationships to our 501c3 mission.

The Music Center will contain fully equipped soundproof studios with pianos, drum kits, and PA systems for practice, rehearsals, and recording; large indoor and outdoor performance venues; and lounge areas for relaxing, networking, and informal performances.


Below is a preliminary architectural rendering which will evolve with the creative input of our future partners to include:

  • Specially-designed Indoor/outdoor performance venue

  • 10 practice rooms

  • 10 fully equipped rehearsal studios with recording capability

  • Cafe and lounge areas for networking, and informal performances

  • 5-star kitchen staff serving three sustainably-sourced meals a day



World-class musicians across all genres will be invited to perform at Catalyst, making it a destination venue music lovers will travel to for our legendary concerts.



There will be year-round retreats, master-classes and intensives held at Catalyst year-round, hosted by visiting artists who share our vision for promoting:

  • Music education

  • World traditions

  • Song-writing

  • Wellbeing as a means to higher musical excellence


Team members Salieu Suso, Ganesh Kumar, & Michael Smolens.


Two top-of-the-line recording studios will enable us to bring to life and promote musicians’ talents and  our Center’s mission. The studios will be booked for recording sessions by outside artists, as well as creative collaboration sessions where resident artists will record new music inspired by their own healing processes and new musical partnerships.



Those attending any event, recording session, or wellness retreat will be invited to enjoy overnight accommodations in our Biotekt homes.

Wellness Center

Wellness Center

Open year-round to the public and all guests and residents, our Wellness Center, with botanical gardens, spa facilities, and holistic treatments, will serve our community's every need.

Catalyst Health Center-Floor Plan (3)-1.


The combination of Therapeutic massage and Physical therapy will be the primary modalities used to transform pain into embodied wellbeing.
Screen Shot 2021-10-06 at 12.21.37 PM.png

We will also offer acupuncture


Music Therapy and Sound Healing

Screen Shot 2021-10-06 at 12.22.21 PM.png

Ayurveda, Talk Therapy, and nutrition counseling


Hot tubs, cold plunges, warm pools

download (20).png

Private indoor and outdoor areas for silent reflection


And daily rotations of mind/body wellness classes and retreats year-round.

Hands Together

Hiking - as therapy - will be highly encouraged and in ample supply throughout acres of land.

Hiking Trails

Screen Shot 2021-10-06 at 12.34.11 PM.png


We will eat well - and save considerable time, money, and resources by growing most of our food year-round using indoor and outdoor farming methods.

Vegetable Basket

Annual Music Festival

Promoting inclusivity and collaboration, we will celebrate the rich and diverse fabric

of our world’s music traditions.


Summer Camps

We will host summer music camps for professional and amateur musicians.

Music Performers

Music School

By year 10, we plan to establish a k-12 music school. Students will be taught by our multicultural staff and residents for an unparalleled educational experience, care-taking some of the most well-rounded musicians the world has seen.


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