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We are actively seeking Board Members to join our leadership team.


We have the business plan, strategy, experience, and the drive.

Now we actively seek the capital and major players to further our mission in the way it deserves. 

We're ready.

Are you?

After reviewing our video, team, and phase-in strategy, 

fill out our investor's interest form below and let's begin the conversation.

The Pitch

The Pitch

Phase-in Plan

Phase in Strategy

Every potential arrangement will present unique variables which will modify our estimates below.
Financial estimates past Phase Three, business plan, and cash-flow statement are available to all potential funding partners.



  • Execute retreat prototype in line with our vision and mission

  • Fulfill our organization's mission by facilitating temporary residencies in pristine locations

  • Build brand awareness

  • Gather testimonials from satisfied retreat participants

  • Develop foundations for Global Music Community through actively supportive educational content for social media, blog, podcast interviews with well-known musicians

  • Offer a wide range of online classes

  • Conduct grant applications


Initial Discovery

  • Search for land, donor outreach and fundraising, zoning inquiries to local boards, architect/engineer/contractor consulting and tests

PHASE TWO (Projected January 2024)

  • Land Lease or Purchase - $1,000 - 1,500,000 (depending on arrangement)

Pre-build - $50,000

  • Consult with architects, engineers, contractors, and land restoration experts

  • Obtain necessary business licenses and construction permits

  • Open Wellness services to the public

  • Open Retreat and Residential programs

  • Cultivate and expand the Catalyst donor base

  • Plan and announce the launch of the 1st Annual CMC Music Festival; highlighting our vision, residents, and Wellness Center

  • Hire two full time interns to develop the Catalyst’s Community Infrastructure (CCI) through strategic social media content, email, and phone banking efforts to: establish relationships with musicians, music organizations, and donors world-wide; host on-site concerts and virtual events to build a base of volunteers; purchase and/or acquire donated instruments, and create crowd-funding campaigns

Year 1

  • Construct and finish 1st Private Biotekt building prototype

  • Construct 20 Private Biotekt buildings

  • Construct Music Center

  • Launch 1st Annual CMC Music Festival

  • Launch marketing, applications, and member enrollment for residencies

Year 2

  • Launch record label, recording studios, and concert series'

  • Construct additional accommodations

  • Construct Wellness Center

  • Hold 2nd Annual Music Festival

Year 3

  • Launch new global marketing campaigns to our maturing network of musicians

  • Hold 3rd Annual Music Festival

Year 4

  • Determine expansion plans

  • Hold 4th Annual Music Festival

Revenue Streams

Our revenue goal is to generate the income needed to grow Catalyst into its fullest expression of a Wellness-based Music Retreat and Performance Center; so that everyone who visits can have a truly restorative and life-changing experience.


By year four, we aim to be entirely self-sufficient, supported by the ingenuity of our strategy, programs and facilities. We anticipate significant revenue from the wellness center, music/yoga/wellness retreats, private events, summer camps, indoor/outdoor concert series with food service, paid concert livestreams, recording studios, record label, online courses, music festival, farmers markets, gift shop, cafe, apothecary, land tours, public and private philanthropy, corporate sponsorship, and more.

Let's connect.

If you are inspired to donate, please

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