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The Art of Practicing w/ Michael Smolens

6-week series designed to reinvent your relationship with practicing.

Service Description

Musicians and professionals are taught many things in their journey. Yet, the most important one is almost always missing — how to actually practice. Coaching on the physical mechanics of playing and singing is critical to prevent injury, but how can we implement this wisdom effectively? Equally important is the context that we create around practicing, which can have just as big an influence on keeping our bodies and spirits balanced. This 6-week workshop is guaranteed to re-invent your relationship with practicing, and will turn what is mostly unconscious into a world of choice and self-discovery. It will be the meeting place of creativity, consciousness, and time management. This course will cover topics from his upcoming book, including: * Defining Healthy Practicing — The Three C's * Artistic Inheritance * "Station" vs. "State" * "Finishing" vs. "Completion" * "End-Gaming" * "Drip Irrigation" vs. "Flood Management" * Artistic Biorhythms * Three Types of Time * Four Stages of Skill Building * Five Variables of Practicing * How Sleep/Meditation/Working Out Affect Productivity * Designing & Scheduling Your Practicing * Breakthroughs Michael Smolens has taught privately and in universities since 1974. In addition to his two music degrees from UC Santa Cruz, he has studied with such innovative teachers as Art Lande, Allaudin Mathieu, Terry Riley, Kenny Werner, and DorthyTaubman. His teaching is informed by physical re-training principles, linguistic -conceptual models, time management techniques, and Buddhism. Michael's instruments include piano/keyboard, voice, alto flute, dumbek, and West-African balafon and djun-djuns. As a bandleader, Michael has created and performed with a myriad of ensembles, from duos to 18-person groups covering jazz, world musics, and chamber. He has recorded and/or performed with jazz icons Stefon Harris (vibraphone), Paul McCandless (reeds), Paul Hanson (electric bassoon), David Balnakrishnan & Evan Price (jazz violin & viola) and Zakir Hussain (tablas), along with Bobby McFerrin collaborators David Worm & Rhiannon, and folk/jazz legend Claudia Schmidt.

  • 250 US dollars
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