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Catalyst Retreats

“This is my dedicated time to show up for creation, and I’m so supported by people around me, the offering of the space, the nourishing meals, and the body work…”

- Allison Downey - Singer Songwriter, NY

beyond grateful to our recent Grammy-winning artist in Residence:

Steve Gorn

2023 Retreats will be announced soon

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“To go from a practice session into a massage treatment, you’re able to notice tension and release in a much more HD way.”

- Darren Chase - Classical Vocalist, NY

What to expect

All musicians have preliminary consults prior to the retreat. This is to understand your music and wellness goals so as to provide you with the most customized and productive experience possible.

The program schedule is designed to give all participants time and space for a little of everything: creating a gentle architecture for the cultivation of music creation, collaboration, balance, and focus.

“Oh my gosh, the peace. I actually woke up smiling because I got proper sleep for the first time in 8 or 9 months.
-Summer Rona - Multilingual Vocalist, CA

“You don’t realize the cost of not taking your health seriously until you have an experience that returns that value to you."
-Macaco Nova York - Percussionist, VA

“Collaboration was easeful and that was where I learned the most… don't hesitate to prioritize wellness, health, ease of functioning, and musical community...go to a Catalyst retreat!”  
- Connor Campbell - Ukelele/Songwriter, VA

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