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Global Musician network

This page serves as an informal virtual hub for our Musician Network.
Discover new music, artists, and groups to expand your horizons.

Abi Nav:
Voice/Guitar - Acoustic Pop/Rock

Adam Tutor:
Saxophone, Flutes, Voice

Talking Drum, Percussion - Performer, Composer,  World music, Jazz, Funk and Band leader

Andrea Walls:
Violin, Voice, Mbira, Marimba, Percussion - Sacred, World, Jazz, Fusion

Ari Hoenig:

Drumset - Jazz  

Bj Pendleton "BJP's World of Music":
Vocal/Bass - Jazz, Funk, Rock

Brian Festa:
World Percussion - World, Jazz, Fusion

Brian Tyneway "Triple Down": 
Guitar, bass, drums - Funk fusion 

Chris Stephens:
Sitar, Oud, Persian Tar, Chinese Pipa, Turkish Saz, Banjo, Guitar

Colin Dorian:
Drumset - Jazz

Dounya Reezah:
Oud, Laouto, Sitar, Voice - World, Folk

Dylan DeBiase:
Bass/Guitar - Singer/Songwriter

Eli Goldstein:
Trumpet - Jazz, Commercial

Emma McCarthy:

Ganesh Kumar: 
World Percussion - Indian Frame Drum

Gordon Beck "He Sleeps":
Guitar/Synth - Experimental Rock, Electronic

Grace Wilson:
Voice - Singer/Songwriter, Acoustic Folk 

Greg Howard:
Chapman Stick - Jazz, Progressive, Improvisation

J McQueen (Snaggy Mountain):
Piano, Guitar, Bass ~ Blues, Jazz, Bossa, Funk, Folk, and Bluegrass

Joshua Sam Miller "Embodied Sounds": 
Clarinet, Saxophone, Handpan, Ableton

Katie Down "New Born Trio", "Sofie Salonika", "The Ukuladies":
Flute, Electronics, Percussion, Ukulele, Glass  - Sound healing

Lily Soleil "Gemini": 

Macaco Nova Yolk:
World Percussion - Liberation Arts

Mary Sparks:
Hammered Dulcimer - World, New Age

Mia Bella D'Augelli:
Violin - Classical, Experimental

Michael Smolens:
Piano - Jazz, World, Contemporary 

Michelle Anise: 
World instruments - Sound Healing, Mantra, & Medicine Music

Mike Casey:
Jazz, Jazz fusion, Progressive

Mirabai Moon "Mystical Kirtan":
Mantra Music, World Music

Mirabella Phinney:

Nat Kendall:
Harmonium, Percussion, Voice - Devotional Music

Ondra Riegl "Fifth Nature":

Hip-hop, Jazz, Irish, Folk
Prithvi Prajosh:
Vocalist - Indie, Alt-Pop

Rachel Mink:
Vocalist - Classical

Vocalist - Sacred World

Robin Liepman "Bloom/Bloomurian":
Guitar - Neo-folk, Electronic 

Roshan Putwar
Hinduatani Classical Bansuri

Ryder Mackey:
World instruments - Singer / Songwriter, Kirtan, Mantra, Elemental Acoustic

Sandy Liao:
Songwriter/Producer - Alternative Pop, Film Soundtrack, Musical Theater

Salieu Suso:
Kora - Griot, West African, Traditional maden

Sara Jelley:
Singer-Songwriter - Soulful Indie Folk-pop

Tanner Johns and the Canadian Tuxedos: 
Bass, Keys, Horns, Drum-kit, Guitar - Soul and Funk inspired Rock

Timothy Hill: 
Voice, Piano, Guitar - Folk, Jazz, World

Will Marsh:
Sitar, world music, guitar - North Indian Classical

Zain Jafri "Gannon, Jafri, Strich":
Synth/Guitar - Instrumental Rock

Kaylee Velazquez:
Latin: Voice

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