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"Brian, I'm a musician myself, I'm so glad you came, because we're going to heal you up."

After years incessant pain in my neck and shoulder, I was losing hope, and I found myself weeping buckets in the office of Milagro Massage in Berkeley CA.

"I've seen so many people and nothing has worked!" I sobbed.

"I will help you" she said, "but you need to trust me, ok?"

This was the turning point for our founder, Brian Festa. 

Now he works everyday to change the lives of dedicated musicians.

Please consider a contribution to our mission. Your gifts allow us to offer retreats up to 60% below the NY average retreat cost.



Your donations contribute to musicians' room and board, therapeutic treatments, organic meals, and more. Every donation makes a difference, and we are truly grateful for your generosity.

Sposor a Musician

Sponsor A Musician

"It's so important that this is accessible to all musicians"

Liana Gabel - Singer/Songwriter - NY

A typical retreat in the Hudson Valley offering all the services Catalyst provides costs at least $450/night. 

We make stays with us much more affordable with your generous support.


Sponsoring a musician means covering the cost of their stay, typically 250/day. You will be giving them the gift of relief and support so they can refine their musical excellence by achieving their wellness goals.

Each musician sponsored will send you a personal thank you letter with their progress and recordings they make at the retreat. 

Please consider sponsoring a musician in need of financial assistance today.


A Funding Partner

The heartbeat of it, which is you [Brian] and your vision, only growth can come from that.”
- Summer Rona - Multi-lingual Vocalist, CA

We have the business plan, experience, and ambition, now we seek the passionate patrons of the arts with time, capital, and resources to further our mission in the way it deserves. 

Is this you? 

Do you know someone or an organization with the heartfelt commitment to the greater music community

and the resources to support us in a major way?

Let's connect.

Catalsyst Music and Healing Arts is a registered nonprofit in the State of New York.
All gifts are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.

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