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Musician's Retreat

Uplifting the wellbeing
and musical excellence of all musicians.

Musician's Retreat
the Dharmakaya Center
for Wellbeing

Pine bush, NY

August 25-28th

Scholarships Available
through funding by our donors,
and our partners at the Jazz Foundation of America.

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Planning Update:
On our future campus, each musician will have their own space as their home base.
Imagine 21 of these single and multi-occupancy earthen homes...
open year-round to support their music, and transform their lives.


We Exist

Why We Exist
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Founder's Message


Nestled within the richness of arts and music in Rosendale NY,
Catalyst is a 501c3 Educational nonprofit inspired by my own healing path, created to:

Change the lives of dedicated musicians of all disciplines
by integrating a holistic wellness program
into project-focused retreats
for solo musicians and group ensembles
hosted in beautiful retreat locations.

Our retreats serve as the prototype for the co-creation of a
Residential Retreat and Performance Center in the Hudson Valley NY in 2023:

A music and wellness center creating dynamic transformation in each musician, and a profound international stronghold of everlasting cultural value.

I encourage you to take advantage of this potent time of potential to:

Attend a retreat
Support as a volunteer
Make a donation or
Consider becoming a funding partner

We're here for you.

In Rhythm,

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Brian Festa


The Need
Music Performer

The Need

To physically enjoy maintaining the highest levels of musical excellence is a gift many professional musicians begin to lose as they develop chronic pain cycles due to poor body mechanics, overuse, and lack of therapeutic treatment. 


While sports medicine has become a multi-billion dollar industry, many studies confirm that care and treatment for musicians remain largely unaddressed. 75% of professional musicians develop repetitive strain injuries, chronic pain, and mental health challenges because they don't have the knowledge, resources, or support system to get the help they deserve.

Fall Leaves

The Solution

The Soluton

Catalyst Music and Healing Arts integrates holistic therapies into project focused retreats to empower musicians and establish a deeper connection between wellbeing and musicianship.


The Experience

See our our humble beginnings unfold here...

Then check out what to expect in 2022!

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