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“It’s one thing to have time by yourself, but it’s another thing to have time with someone looking after your wellbeing" Liana Gabel

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Our primary initiative - We will send you everything you need to know about our retreats, as well as a few questions to fill out to optimize your experience.

Subscribe for seldomly-sent music and wellness tips, updates on our progress in retreat center planning, and to be the first to know when new retreats and concerts are announced.

Apply to share your gifts. You will receive a monetary honorarium, therapies, room, and board for teaching two group classes a day.

We are strongly committed to diversity, equity and inclusion.

We are always looking for Community Partners, volunteers and practitioners for our retreats. Do you have skill sets that will benefit our mission? Let's connect.

Discover new music, sign up to be featured on our website, and support our growing Global Musician Network.

Please consider giving a small, tax-deductible donation, becoming a monthly sustaining member, or a funding partner.

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